Celebrating Pride Month and Diversity at ACA


Allison Charley

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On June 15, 2020, when the Supreme Court decided that it was illegal to discriminate against LGBTQ+ employees, I was sitting in my office enjoying ACA’s first series of Pride month events. Until that moment, each individual state was able to set policy on whether LGBTQ+ people could work free of discrimination and harassment, and many states did not provide such protection. The Supreme Court’s decision put to rest some concerns LGBTQ+ people had faced when simply going to work or trying to find employment. It was a critical milestone in LGBTQ+ equality, delivered during a joyous month dedicated to embracing diversity and inclusivity.   

However, even before government-provided protections, many companies understood the value of creating inclusive and supportive workplaces. At ACA, we are committed to diversity and inclusion, and we welcome personal authenticity. During the last several years, ACA has formally launched numerous employee resource groups, including ACA ALLiance, an LGBTQ+ and ally group, to enhance our commitment to a safe and welcoming workplace. ACA has also more closely aligned its HR practices to promote diversity.

This June, as the world celebrates Pride Month, we reflect on the journey that has brought us to this place and what lies ahead. For ACA, that means continuous improvement of our policies and practices to ensure we are a diverse and welcoming organization. 

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