ACA Aponix Portfolio Company Case Studies

Portfolio Risk Management

We have experience working with a variety of industries including oil and gas, healthcare, financial services, consumer, TMT, manufacturing, business services, and much more. Below are a few case studies describing the work we have done partnering with private equity firms to assess and protect their portfolio companies.

Case Studies

Holistic Risk Assessment for Lynx FBO Aviation
Lynx FBO Network (Lynx) in the general aviation industry worked with ACA Aponix to execute a Holistic Technology and Cybersecurity Risk Assessment to improve their cybersecurity posture, understand risks, and identify potential privacy and data protection risks.

Portfolio Risk Management for Oil & Gas
Read how a private equity energy investor experiencing increased cyber threats to its portfolio companies worked with ACA Aponix to deploy a comprehensive risk management solution to cover all of the firm’s oil and gas portfolio companies.

Comprehensive Risk Management Solution for Large Telecom
This case study describes how a large telecommunications company concerned about cybersecurity threats such as ransomware attacks and business email compromise partnered with ACA Aponix to identify and create a plan to remediate risks.

Pre-deal IT Due Diligence Healthcare SaaS Provider
This case study explains how a large cap private equity firm used ACA's M&A diligence and advisory services to assess the quality and sophistication of the target’s core IT software and systems.


Pre-deal IT Due Diligence Defense Services Contractor
A private equity firm interested in partnering with a Defense Services Contractor used ACA's M&A diligence and advisory services to evaluate a potential partner’s IT systems, infrastructure, regulatory compliance, and resiliency.


Pre-deal IT Due Diligence Lower Middle Market Healthcare SaaS Provider
Learn how a private equity firm focused on growth companies in the lower middle market used ACA's M&A diligence and advisory services to assess the quality and sophistication of the target's core IT software and systems.

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Solution Spotlight

ACA Aponix's PortCo™ Defend Portfolio Company Risk Management and Monitoring Solution

PortCo Defend, a cybersecurity program and dashboard, is designed to help private equity firms assess and centrally monitor security threats and risks for their investment portfolio companies (PortCos). PortCo Defend is a holistic cybersecurity program that gives private markets visibility into their PortCos’ cybersecurity maturity and provides a view to evaluate and track progress of all their PortCos’ efforts to remediate any concerns in one place.


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