2023 Regulatory Outlook


2022 was a year marked with regulatory change that will affect how firms prepare their compliance programs for 2023. 
Join us on January 24th at 11am ET as our experts review the regulatory changes that will likely have implications on firm's compliance programs in 2023, and provide recommendations to prepare for these changes. ACA's Carlo di Florio, Global Advisory Leader; Mike Pappacena, Partner, Cybersecurity; Dan Mistler, Partner, ESG; Bobby Johal, Managing Director, European Compliance; Jaqueline Hummel, Director of Thought Leadership; and Bree Pollard, Senior Principal Consultant, Performance will share trends, insights, and developments in the areas of regulatory compliance, cybersecurity and risk, ESG, and performance and provide actionable steps to help firms position their compliance programs for success in 2023.

Discussion Topics

  • Rule proposals and adoption
  • Examination and enforcement trends
  • Regulatory guidance