Investment Management Solution

If you require fully-discretionary investment powers over a pool of assets, such as over a new or existing fund, or through a sub-advisory or managed account mandate, you will require a higher level of regulatory cover that is not available through our Appointed Representative solution (which prohibits such discretion).

Under this arrangement ACA Mirabella can operate as the Alternative Investment Fund Manager (‘AIFM’) over an existing or new Alternative Investment Fund (‘AIF’) or through a delegated portfolio management arrangement. We can provide this AIFMD solution through the UK, or through Malta if an EU-based manager and delegation back to you in the UK is required.

To facilitate these alternative investment management solution, you will be seconded to ACA Mirabella to manage the assets and be provided with a full compliance and risk-management oversight framework.

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Connect With Us

Investment Management Solutions

Compliance Oversight

Mirabella retains ultimate regulatory responsibility and obligations over its hosted clients and employs a team of experienced and qualified AIFMD solutions experts, including former regulators and senior compliance personnel to create a secure operating platform. The secondees agree to comply with agreed policies, processes and controls allowing Mirabella to maintain a comprehensive, but proportionate compliance framework. This will include monthly on-site reviews and a comprehensive monitoring plan to help protect you and the platform.

Risk Oversight

Alongside regulatory compliance, our separate risk oversight team will agree certain investment risk parameters with the secondees and then monitor daily trading activity against those agreed limits. This risk oversight supplements our compliance support in areas such as broker set-up, shareholding disclosure (short selling, takeover panel and major shareholdings), Annex IV, AIFMD metrics (AOF, AuM), market abuse monitoring, US reporting (Form PR, Form PQR, 13F, etc.), Monitoring Rule 105 of Regulation M, AIFM valuation guidelines, best execution, trade errors etc. 

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Why Choose Mirabella

Your choice of regulatory hosting partner is critical.

You (or rather we) will no doubt be subject to operational due diligence and serious scrutiny, and you want nothing left to chance (we have been ODD’d by the most discerning institutional investors and meet the most exacting of expectations).

We employ the right alternative investment management solution expertise and technology to maintain an institutional-level offering, backed by ACA Group, one of the world’s leading governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) service providers.

We find our clients also like the comfort of knowing all fellow clients on the platform have been carefully vetted and approved before joining – an on-boarding process where we excel. It is also comforting to know all our hosted clients are supervised appropriately for risk-management and compliance, and all are subject to the same high governance and transparency standards.