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Cyber threats are constantly evolving, so it’s important to stay on top of new threats and address them as quickly as possible. We provide cyber alerts and ongoing monitoring to help protect your company from cyber attacks. We also offer phishing testing and monitoring services to protect your business.

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Phishing Testing and Training

One of the simplest ways a hacker can penetrate your network is via email using a tactic called phishing, or, in a targeted effort, spear-phishing.  Successful phishing, vishing (telephone-based phishing), and spearphishing can lead to ransomware, payment fraud, and other cyber crimes. The FBI has reported that people lost $57 million to phishing schemes in 2019.

We deploy targeted email campaigns that are designed to test your employee’s ability to identify phishing threats. We use the results of our phishing tests as part of our staff security training, which covers phishing identification and other essential skills and tools for identifying threats and preventing data breaches.

We periodically issue timely alerts on cyber events and technology concerns that may be relevant to your business. Our alerts provide strategic guidance to help you protect your company and understand how to best prevent or remediate issues.

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Domain Registration Monitoring & Paste Site Monitoring

Over 100,000 domains are registered every day, many for malicious purposes. We monitor newly registered domain names and alert you when a domain name that resembles your firm’s domain is registered so that your firm can take action to combat attempts to steal sensitive information or infringe on your firm’s intellectual property.

Hackers often post sensitive data about their victims or targets on anonymous paste sites to share with the broader hacker community. We monitor select anonymous paste sites for mentions of your firm’s domain or IP addresses, as these could be indicators of an upcoming or ongoing attack.

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Aponix Protect™ comprehensive cybersecurity and technology risk solution

Aponix Protect helps firms address evolving cyber risks and threats to ensure that their cybersecurity needs are covered year-round. This solution is available in three tiers, each one designed to provide firms with a flexible, robust, responsive, and cost-effective cybersecurity program. 

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Regulatory Horizon 2022

Four Reasons to Attend Regulatory Horizon 2022 | Prepare for the Challenges of Tomorrow

On 8-10 March, we bring together a wealth of financial services industry experts at our virtual conference. Over 3 days and 10 sessions, they’ll examine a wide variety of governance risk and compliance hot topics and challenges. Learn more about why you should add this event to your calendar.

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Whaling Attacks: How to Respond When a C-Suite Executive is a Victim

Whaling will soon become one of the most prominent forms of cyberattacks, especially with firms that operate in remote and hybrid work environments. In this article, we describe: whaling attacks, their impact, how to prepare C-Suite executives to not fall victim to whaling attacks, and what to do if an executive is a victim.

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Significant Proposals for Cybersecurity Risk Rules in the Financial Industry

The SEC recently voted to propose new rules to address cybersecurity risk management for registered investment advisers and investment companies. These proposed rules address multiple concerns related to cybersecurity risks to investment advisors, clients of investment advisors, private funds, and investors of private funds.

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Cyber Insurance: Top Five Trends for 2022

The first blog post in a multi-part series on cybersecurity insurance produced by ACA Aponix’s Thought Leadership Team. The objective of this series is to provide clients with the highest quality insights and expertise on the changing and evolving cyber insurance marketplace.

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When Push Comes to Breach: Hackers Use Push Notifications to Bypass MFA

Multi-factor Authentication, while effective and widely accessible method of security, can be used in a cybercriminals’ ever-growing hacking portfolio. Hackers can now include the misappropriation of push notifications to bypass MFA—without needing access to a victim’s device.

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ACA and NSCP 2021 Cybersecurity Program Survey: Top 20 Findings

This report aims to highlight the top findings from the 2021 survey while also comparing results from years prior.

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ACA Group Acquires Advanced Regulatory Compliance

Acquisition continues to reinforce ACA’s suite of leading GRC professionals and diversified services

ACA’s ESG Data and Analytics Solution Recognized for Its Impact on ESG Portfolios

Financial Services Review has named ACA Group’s ESG Data and Analytics solution, Ethos ESG, a “Top Wealth Management Solutions Provider” for 2022.

ACA Group Announces Its Adoption of the CFA Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Code

ACA adopts the DEI Code, an action-oriented and principles-based framework through which to drive meaningful change concerning diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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