Managed Performance Services

Outsource your complex performance measurement and reporting functions to balance your reporting commitments with monetary and time budgets

In today’s investment landscape, performance measurement and reporting are critical components of a successful investment program. Performance marketing, globally, continues to evolve and is undergoing a renewed sense of scrutiny from regulators and investors alike.

The complexity of the investment process, and large-scale turnover within the performance industry can make it challenging for investment firms to manage their performance programs in-house. With the recent inflation pressures and volatile markets, many firms are finding themselves in a position where it is difficult to bring on new hires, with performance professionals becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to recruit and retain.

Driven by these macroeconomic drivers, many firms are seeking to leverage additional resources to support their performance measurement and reporting capabilities. Outside of additional or new technology, the next obvious solution is outsourced performance services, which provides an ideal solution to cost efficiency without sacrificing expertise.



How we help

In this environment, it is vital for asset and investment owners to ensure their investment performance programs are solid, efficient, and compliant. Our Managed Performance Services blend our extensive experience in the performance market with our internal technology to bring support to any investment firm.

As a managed service solution, firms can outsource all or certain aspects of their performance measurement and reporting functions with the assurance that they are working with a team that not only understands the technical aspects of calculating complex performance, but also knowing industry best practices and regulatory expectations.

As a Managed Performance Service client, you will have the ability to outsource the following responsibilities to a team of experienced professionals.

Portfolio and fund performance calculations

A streamlined service that eliminates the burden of monthly performance calculations, allowing investment firms’ internal resources to focus on core tasks. With flexibility and adaptability, we can seamlessly integrates with your existing technology and environment. 

Composite management and performance calculations

A dedicated service that provides accurate and consistent composite performance reporting. Our team handles composite management and performance calculations for firms of all sizes and complexities, working closely with client teams to validate data and generate reliable reports. 

GIPS compliance oversight and verification management

A comprehensive solution designed to meet GIPS® compliance requirements, our team evaluates investment firms’ compliance status, identifies gaps, and develops a customized plan for achieving and maintaining GIPS compliance. 

Calculate risk and other performance related statistics

Our risk and performance analytics service is designed to help investment firms accurately measure and analyze investment performance and risk statistics. Our team of experienced professionals provides a range of statistical analyses to help your clients better understand the performance presented.

Gross and net money weighted return calculations (fund and deal level IRRs)

Our service provides comprehensive calculation of Gross and Net money-weighted returns, as well as various multiples, such as cash-on-cash and TVPI. This helps investment firms to accurately measure and analyze their investment performance, stay in compliance with the SEC's new marketing rule, and confidently market their investment performance to investors.

Performance advisory

Our performance advisory service provides investment firms with guidance and advice on a range of performance-related issues, such as compliance with industry standards and regulations. We offer a range of services, including performance analysis and process improvement.

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By moving to ACA’s Managed Performance Services, you will gain:

  • Performance experts with low upfront costs. Cut the cost of recruiting, onboarding, training, and retaining.
  • The ability to outsource recurring projects that take time and resources away from typical day-to-day responsibilities, allowing you to focus on firm’s initiatives. 
  • A network of experts and lowered labor costs due to not having to pay for one or more full-time hires. 
  • A large peer network: we bring together the industry’s largest group of performance professionals with extensive industry knowledge, regulatory expertise, and technical skills.  
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Our Team

ACA brings together the largest team of investment-performance professionals in the world to deliver a comprehensive range of solutions and help firms navigate complex challenges. Our team of seasoned performance professionals possess extensive experience in working with firms of varying sizes and complexities. We are well-equipped to ensure that our clients' performance programs are adequately staffed and possess the necessary expertise to keep pace with evolving market demands.

The team includes over 90 performance consultants, representing in-depth expertise working with firms of varying sizes and complexities, including with traditional investments, private equity, private debt, real estate, Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs), across all vehicle types.

On Demand Webcast

Enhancing Investment Performance Programs with Managed Services

Tune into our on demand webcast where we explore the value of engaging a third-party service provider to oversee and manage investment performance programs. We will discuss how this approach has become a highly effective strategy for addressing industry challenges and driving success in a competitive environment.

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