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DTCC/NSCC Fund Sponsorship

National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) sponsorship through ACA Foreside provides a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to the direct NSCC membership process for new funds.

ACA Foreside can sponsor (apply for, obtain, and maintain) an NSCC membership participant number for domestic funds, collective trusts, and foreign funds such as SICAVs and UCITS. Additionally, we provide guidance and assistance to clients and their transfer agents with respect to administration, implementation, and maintenance of the fund’s operational policies and procedures to ensure compliance with NSCC rules and guidelines.

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DTCC/NSCC Fund Sponsorship

NSCC membership through ACA Foreside allows for fund clients to benefit from the Mutual Fund Services provided by the DTCC’s NSCC subsidiary which focuses on automation, specialization, and centralization, resulting in a more efficient operation. These services include:

  • ACATS-Fund/Serv: transfers fund shares from one firm to another
  • Commission Settlement: simplifies payment reconciliation between funds and third-party distribution.
  • Daily Price and Rate File: provides daily net asset values and rates for daily accrual funds
  • Defined Contribution Clearance and Settlement: facilitates the processing and information exchange of retirement and other benefit programs
  • Fund/SERV®: Centralizes order entry, confirmation, registration and money settlement.
  • Global Update: Transmits updated information to funds on firms’ branches and account executives.
  • Mutual Fund Profile Service: Provides a central source for funds’ prospectus information.
  • Networking: Exchanges and reconciles account level information between funds and firms.
  • Networks for Standardized Data Reporting: Allows fund companies to request information on omnibus and super-omni bus accounts to better monitor trading activity.
  • Transfer of Retirement Assets: Transfers the value of fund shares held in fund sponsored IRAs from one fund to another.
  • Cost Basis Reporting Service (CBRS): This service helps customers comply with IRS regulations by simplifying the data transmission of cost basis & asset transfers

Mutual Fund Profile II Support

Our in-house experts will collect and publish your firm’s management company, fund and CUSIP profile information into the NSCC Mutual Fund Profile II for intermediary use. Firms rely on the DTCC’s Mutual Fund Profile II service to establish CUSIPs for trading on their back-office trading systems. Services include:

  • Review Mutual Offering Documents
    Our experts will review your mutual fund offering documents (prospectus, SAIs, etc.) for the necessary data points.
  • Quality Control
    We will conduct a quality control review of all information inputted prior to releasing the data for use by intermediaries.
  • Data Population into NSCC Mutual Fund Profile II
    We will populate all required data fields within the Mutual Fund Profile II system. Our team of experts, who have been reviewing mutual fund offering documents and their necessary data points for over 15 years can assist with connecting your firm to the intermediary community.
  • Ongoing Maintenance
    We will review, update and maintain your firm’s data to ensure accuracy and completeness on an ongoing basis.

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