ETF Solutions

As a strategic partner to your fund family for exchange-traded funds (ETFs), ACA Foreside’s experienced professionals stand ready to advise you regarding the regulatory, financial, operational, and distribution requirements, and can act as your legal underwriter. Our diverse and expansive client base, coupled with our strong industry partnerships, allows us the benefit of being on the front lines to view developing trends and best practices for navigating the ETF space.

ACA Foreside works with the most recognizable brands in the industry, including over 275 ETF issuers across more than 1,000 ETFs. We have helped many of these firms with their launch from day one, while others chose to convert to ACA Foreside post launch.

Our ETF team is also your conduit to the Authorized Participant (AP) community, interacting daily with the APs on your behalf.

ACA Foreside’s legal underwriting services for ETFs include:

  • Reviewing, approving, and filing marketing materials to maintain compliance with SEC and FINRA regulations
  • Facilitating, negotiating, and coordinating AP agreements
  • Providing call center technology for AP orders and advisors
  • Deploying FINRA-registered staff to receive AP orders on recorded lines
  • Facilitating the review and approval of all AP orders
  • Providing robust reporting to the asset manager and the fund board



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