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ACA Alumni Network

ACA’s Alumni Network provides a way for alumni to remain connected to the firm and with each other. Our goal is to build a lifelong affiliation with current and former employees; rather than lifelong employment.

ACA Alumni

The firm’s success is founded on the client-obsessed ethos of our employees past and present. We stand on your shoulders and amplify the relationships you’ve built. With the ACA Alumni Network, we intend to create a space for you to continue to stay in touch with each other, with ACA, and with clients – to reconnect with former colleagues, stay abreast of the ever-evolving GRC space, and find new opportunities.

About the program

Benefits for Alumni

ACA is committed to providing value-add benefits to members of the Alumni Network. Some benefits to ACA and its Alumni include:

  • The ability to maintain mutually beneficial lifelong relationships
  • Build brand advocacy
  • Create a candidate pipeline that delivers high quality rehires and referrals
  • Provide access to experienced former employees with strategically important skills
  • Creates a professional forum to share insights and ideas

Goals of the Program

The goals of ACA’s Alumni Network are to:

  • Create a lifelong affiliation for employees with ACA
  • Increase brand awareness and promote ACA’s Global Brand
  • Generate new business opportunities
  • Generate employee referrals
  • Gain and share market intelligence
  • Leverage subject matter expertise from Alumni members
  • Foster exposure to broader networks

Our Commitment to Alumni Members

As an Alumni Network, we can make a difference by staying connected, sharing insights, and helping each other succeed. Some of the items we commit to providing members of the Alumni Network include:

  • Industry insights
  • Early and/or exclusive access to certain ACA sponsored events
  • Access to internal and external job boards
  • Employee referral incentives
  • Periodic networking/ reunion events
  • Alumni discounts and perks (e.g., industry membership discounts)

How to get involved and stay connected

Connect with other members of the ACA Alumni in our private LinkedIn Group. 

Sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter with industry updates, exclusive event invites, job postings, special alumni perks, and more.  


Contact our team at to learn more about the program. 

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