Appointed Representative Solution

Under this solution, we support clients wishing to simply provide investment advice, arrange deals, market funds, provide corporate finance, and more. In the UK, ACA Mirabella offers a comprehensive, but straightforward hosted Appointed Representative (AR) solution.

Our FCA-recognised AR solution has been available for almost two decades and is a tried and tested method to undertake regulated activity under ACA Mirabella’s effective supervision. We currently have more than 65 AR clients.

Following a brief due diligence period (including corporate and individual background checks), we register your UK firm with the FCA as an AR under ACA Mirabella, which acts as the Principal Firm, and shortly thereafter add you (and colleagues if appropriate) to act for the AR in a customer-facing function.

Once approved (typically 2-3 weeks) you can commence advisory, deal-arranging, capital raising activities with full regulatory coverage. We retain responsibility for the compliance aspects and take care of such policies, procedures and controls allowing you to focus on your business activities.

Connect With Us

Connect With Us

Why Choose an ACA Mirabella Appointed Representative Arrangement?

The AR solution provides a regulated status to conduct investment business within, or from, the UK. There are several AR solutions available in the UK; so why choose Mirabella?

Substance and Support

The principal firm is responsible for the compliant conduct of all its ARs and Mirabella has established the relevant compliance policies, procedures, and controls, built on almost two decades of experience. Mirabella is part of ACA Group’s wider governance, risk and compliance (GRC) business, with a significant bench of relevant expertise supporting 6,300 clients, globally.

Comprehensive Compliance Team

Employ an expert team of more than 50 compliance professionals located in London and utilise established technology. We provide an extensive compliance monitoring function and an unrivalled depth of technical expertise to our clients.

Quick to Establish

Seeking direct authorisation from the FCA can take six months or more, whereas our dedicated on-boarding team can onboard new ARs in six weeks or less.


We undertake comprehensive due diligence on all firms and individuals before considering them for the ACA Mirabella AR platform. We also carefully control the number of ARs we work with to maintain appropriate levels of governance and compliance oversight. With the resources of the wider ACA Group team, we also have enhanced governance, risk, and compliance resources to monitor activity.

Investor and Client Credibility

Our exceptional reputation has been built on the quality of our gatekeeping, on-going monitoring, and client service. The largest of financial institutions and the most discerning of start-ups use ACA Mirabella for hosting solutions. Importantly, we add confidence and credibility during investor due diligence.


We provide the compliance and risk platform, helping to ensure your firm remains compliant without the need to add risk and compliance personnel to your team. ACA Mirabella meets all capital adequacy requirements so you, as an AR, do not have to.