Building a Programmatic Approach to Cyber Portfolio Oversight


In private equity, cybersecurity breaches often result in financial and operational losses to the targeted portfolio company (Portco) and equally to the sponsors and investors. For several years, private equity firms have been dipping a toe in the water with narrow cybersecurity efforts, such as bringing in outside consultants and vendors to Portcos with known cybersecurity challenges and instituting minimum expectations for cybersecurity controls across the portfolio.

However, as recently reported in the Wall Street Journal, this is no longer considered sufficient to protect investments from cybersecurity threats and reassure investors. It has become imperative that private equity firms institute formal and more far-reaching cybersecurity portfolio oversight programs to meet investor expectations about cybersecurity as well as safeguard and grow the valuation of investments.

This webcast will discuss best practices for cybersecurity oversight as well as the value-add it brings to sponsors. Drawing on our expertise in building out oversight programs, this webcast will address:

  • Why private equity firms need to establish a formal cybersecurity portfolio oversight program
  • Elements of a world-class cybersecurity oversight program
  • The value-add of establishing an effective cybersecurity portfolio oversight program
  • Action steps your firm can take to build a cybersecurity portfolio oversight program