Climate Change, Compliance, and ESG: Navigating the New Data World


Data needs for investment management have never been more strained. Investors are making harsher ESG-related demands (frequently requiring opposing solutions that are impossible to fulfill), the changing climate is impugning asset values (damaging portfolios irrespective of their ESG posture), and regulators are wielding new tools to assess manager profiles (testing the veracity of your claims with or without your cooperation).

During this webcast, ACA's ESG experts will discuss the unique ESG data challenges facing asset managers today, including the changing requirements of ESG data being imposed by the market and regulators.


  • Luke Wilcox, Partner and Head of ACA's ESG Data Analytics Solution 
  • Julian Seelan, Managing Director, ACA Group
  • Estelle Rocca-Serra, Senior Principal Consultant, ACA Group
  • Julien Hyrshko, Principal Consultant, ACA Group