ESG Excellence: The Role of Data and Analytics for Investment Managers


Investment managers face increased pressure from investors and regulators demanding greater ESG transparency and reporting. With ever expansive data requirements, it is becoming essential to have a comprehensive, automated solution that generates actionable insights tailored to your portfolio.

During this webcast, our ESG experts will discuss monitoring challenges in public and securitized markets, demo ACA’s Data and Analytics Solution, Ethos, and illustrate how this solution benefits investment managers.

We will discuss how ACA can help with:

  • Detailed risk and impact data
  • Audit trail, access to underlying data points, and the ability to document your decisions/notes
  • Compliance with ESG policies through coverage of your full portfolio
  • Integration of your firm's custom methodology
  • Efficient ESG reporting of your entire portfolio


  • Luke Wilcox, Partner and Head of ACA's ESG Data Analytics Solution
  • Julian Seelan, Managing Director, ACA Group
  • Alyssa Briggs, Managing Director, ACA Group