ACA will Rest, Recharge, and Renew in July


Carrie Yonenson

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The past year-plus has been challenging for all of us. The sudden disruptions and changes of the pandemic will likely lead to lasting shifts in many areas of our lives. We are only just starting to get a clearer picture of what post-pandemic life looks like. 

While the seeming retreat of COVID-19 in many countries is encouraging, many of us are still dealing with the residual effects of the pandemic: grief for lost loved ones, mental and/or physical health challenges, burnout, anxiety over returning to the office and “normal” life, concern for family members in harder-hit areas, and more.

For those of us in the corporate workforce, we’ve been forced to radically rethink work on all levels: not just when, where, and how we work, but even how work fits in with the rest of our lives.

For both employers and workers, the shift to full-time remote work has been eye-opening in many ways. Many workers have benefitted from the flexibility that remote work affords, while employers have been reassured to see that less time in the physical office doesn’t necessarily equate to less productivity.

Speaking on this topic during ACA’s Spring 2021 Virtual Conference, keynote speaker Brian Kropp, Distinguished VP, Chief of Research at Gartner, said that many employers are recognizing the need to support the life experience of the people who work for them, not just their employment experience. This means supporting their employees’ mental and physical health, emotional well-being, families, communities, schools, and more. Research has shown, Kropp said, that employees who experience this holistic approach to management report better outcomes in their emotional health, mental health, physical health, and sleep.

At ACA, we recognize that the past year has been extremely challenging and trying for our employees. We also understand that our employees have whole lives, and that work is just one component of those lives.

To this end, we are doing something we have never done before. We are providing employees with one week of paid time off to Rest, Recharge, and Renew.  Between July 5-9 ACA will close to give our employees extreme flexibility and the time to collectively disconnect from work and spend the time however they need to. For employees providing coverage to our clients during that week, they will be granted a week off at another time. We thank our employees for their continued dedication to ACA and our clients. We hope that this time will help them to feel refreshed and revived when they return to work on July 12.

Note to our clients:
Your ACA consultant will be in touch to discuss how we will provide support and coverage for your account.