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ACA Compliance Group offers many webcasts throughout the year featuring discussions on timely topics and issues ranging from regulatory compliance, performance, financial crime, and cybersecurity.

As we approach the end of the year, we thought we’d take a look back at some of our most popular webcasts from 2017 and share them with you. All of the following webcasts are available on demand to view at your convenience.

  1. Be Prepared for Your SEC Examination: Maintaining Proper Books and Records
    This webcast features an in-depth discussion about proper maintenance of books and records.
  2. Marketing by Investment Advisers and Private Fund Managers
    This webcast explores how investment advisers can effectively promote their advisory services and private funds in a competitive market while complying with SEC rules and expectations.
  3. Amendments to Form ADV
    This webcast features a discussion of recent changes to the Form ADV as well as other technical amendments that were enacted along with the updates to the Form ADV.
  4. CCO's Guide to Calculating and Reporting IRRs
    This webcast addresses the recent headlines surrounding IRRs and provides guidance for CCOs and other compliance professionals on developing more comprehensive knowledge of the performance presented to ensure that sufficient policies and procedures (e.g., desktop manuals), controls, disclosures, and oversight related to calculating and supporting IRR calculations are in place.
  5. SEC Trends and Initiatives
    This webcast details updates regarding SEC trends and initiatives related to investment advisers, including regulatory examination and enforcement trends and focus areas.
  6. Social Media Management by Advisers
    This webcast provides insight into managing social media usage by investment advisers and their employees, including the challenges of staying ahead of the curve in regards to understanding the compliance challenges that emerging social media platforms may present, as well as the ways they may support business development.
  7. Regulatory Cybersecurity Preparedness
    This webcast discusses regulatory cybersecurity priorities and preparedness for investment managers, including ACA’s perspective on the SEC’s approach to cybersecurity, key risks your firm should address, and best practices for regulatory cybersecurity programs.
  8. Best Practices for Securing Your Data on Amazon Web Services
    This webcast addresses challenges and best practices around managing security, compliance, and governance in Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) environments.
  9. Introduction to Risk Management, Part 1: Vendor and Third-Party Risk
    ACA Aponix's team discusses ways your firm can identify, assess, and manage the cyber and information security risks of working with third-party vendors.
  10. AML Analytics – The New Normal
    ACA Telavance’s team provides practical use cases for leveraging AML and compliance analytics to manage your firm’s compliance needs.

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