Distribution Digest Volume 4

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  • Distribution

We are happy to share with you the fourth edition of the Distribution Digest, which contains information about recent trends and news related to the asset management marketplace.

In this issue, we cover the following:

  • Industry Perspective

  • In the Know

    • Crypto's Wild Ride

    • Wealth Management M&A Update

    • Why the Great Resignation Poses a New Level of Compliance Risk

  • Platform Intelligence

  • Mutual Fund Update

    • ACA Foreside Statistics

    • Intermediary Relationships - Omnibus vs. Networked - Determining the Best Platform Setup for Your Fund

  • ETF Update

    • ACA Foreside Statistics

    • Active vs. Passive

    • Russian ETFs


How we help

We work with asset management firms throughout the world to facilitate compliance and product distribution through legal underwriting, registered rep licensing and chaperoning, and DTCC/NSCC fund sponsorship. We have experience working with all types of pooled investment vehicles such as traditional mutual funds, ETFs, alternative products, closed-end interval funds, and private placements. Click here to learn more about our services.