EMIR REFIT: 18 June 2020 Deadline Checklist


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The amended European Market Infrastructure Regulation (“EMIR REFIT” or simply “REFIT”) came into force on 17 June 2019, with the associated requirements phased in thereafter. The next phase comes into effect on 18 June 2020 and is designed to simplify a derivatives regime currently seen as burdensome to some market participants, particularly those small non-financial counterparties (“NFC-”) whose risk profile is unlikely to impact macro stability.

There are a range of actions that many counterparties should ensure they have taken before 18 June 2020.

What happens on 18 June 2020?

The key reporting requirements that come into effect as a result of REFIT on 18 June are:

  • The introduction of an OTC reporting exemption for NFC- counterparties; and
  • Responsibility of AIFMs and UCITS management companies for reporting OTC transactions on behalf of their AIFs / UCITS

How does this impact my firm?

To assist firms with their final preparations for the changes, ACA has produced the following checklist to run through prior to the 18 June deadline, with specific actions defined for each firm / client type

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We can help with your final preparations for the18 June 2020 deadline, or with undertaking meaningful, regular and comprehensive monitoring of the completeness, timeliness and accuracy of your reporting.

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