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Matthew Chapman

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A recent update to one of the FCA’s errors and omission forms has highlighted the importance of senior management responsibility and accountability for regulatory reporting under the SM&CR. This directly impacts firms reporting under EMIR, and is likely to extend to those reporting under MiFIR or SFTR.

The revised Errors and Omissions form template for firms notifying the regulator of reporting errors under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)was  published by the FCA on 14 July. While the regulator’s FCA’s description of the update was focused on aligning the form to the reporting changes introduced under the REFIT it also included a section wherein firms are required to specify which Senior Management Function (from SMF 1 to SMF 29) is accountable for EMIR reporting. 

This should come as a warning sign for firms of the FCA’s interest in holding individual senior managers responsible for reporting failures in the wider context of the Senior Managers & Certification Regime. Although the approach has not (at the time of writing) been reflected in errors and omissions forms under other regimes, it would be surprising if they did not follow suit.

We encourage firms in scope of the MiFIR, EMIR or SFTR reporting regimes to:

  • Confirm among all relevant stakeholders which Senior Management Function is responsible for complete, timely and accurate reporting – acting now may save some difficult conversations later;
  • Ensure that responsibility for regulatory reporting is included in the relevant individual’s Statement of Responsibility; and
  • Ensure that the relevant Senior Manager has access to appropriate management information in respect of reporting quality on a regular basis, and that the review of that information and any subsequent action can be evidenced.

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