NFA Revises Key Financial Balances for Pool Financial Statements Filing for CPOs


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The National Futures Association (NFA) has recently made changes to the annual pool financial statements filings required for all registered Commodity Pool Operators (CPOs) that operated a commodity pool in 2021. Specifically, the changes were made to the Schedule for Key Financial Balances section within the filing. The NFA has released a Pool Financial Statement Data Entry Guide on their website with more information, but below is a high-level summary of the changes:

  • Removal of the following Key Financial Balances:
    • Investments in Other Funds
    • Investments in Security Accounts
    • Short Securities
    • Gains/Losses on Commodity Interests
    • Gains/Losses on Securities
    • Gains/Losses on Investments in Funds
    • Gains/Losses on All Other Investments
    • Interest and Dividend Income
    • All Other Income
    • Interest Expense
    • Number of Outstanding Units
    • Net Asset Value per Unit

Additionally, the line item Investments in Commodity Interests Accounts was changed to Equity in Commodity Interests Accounts.

Beyond this, no changes were made to the Cover Page or any other requirements to the filing. The filing is currently due to the NFA on March 31, 2022, unless an extension has been filed.

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