Ten Advantages of Turning to Regulatory Hosting in the UK and EU


Raj Somal

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In a fast-paced financial landscape, launching, managing, or distributing a fund requires careful consideration of regulatory requirements and market dynamics.

If you're navigating this complex terrain and want to access the EU or UK markets, exploring the regulatory hosting route could offer significant commercial and operational advantages.

Here are ten compelling reasons why regulatory hosting might be the solution you've been searching for:

  1. Accelerated market entry: Gain faster access to raise capital or manage funds in the UK and EU markets by leveraging our expertise and network to expedite the process.
  2. Regulatory proficiency and risk management: Outsource your regulatory risk and benefit from compliant access to existing and prospective clients and investors across the UK and EU member countries, ensuring adherence to local regulations.
  3. Cost efficiency and resource optimisation: Save time and money by leveraging fully resourced compliance and control infrastructure, thereby minimising upfront costs.
  4. Focus on core business activities: Redirect your focus towards generating alpha by allowing our experts to handle your regulatory and compliance matters, ensuring seamless operations.
  5. Investor confidence and credibility: Ensure robust investor due diligence processes and build instant and credible substance to help enhance investor confidence and attract capital.
  6. Market expansion and portfolio management: Manage UK and EU sub-portfolios of larger funds in local jurisdictions, accessing scalable solutions to optimise asset allocation and portfolio performance.
  7. Optimise partner/founder capital: Utilise capital and liquidity, redirecting resources towards growth, strategic, and operational efficiency initiatives while ensuring regulatory compliance with capital and liquidity requirements.
  8. Innovative trial opportunities: Trial or ‘sandbox’ new fund launches and regulated activities under a regulatory umbrella, allowing for testing and refinement before independent authorisation.
  9. Startup guidance and compliance consulting: Access free startup guidance and compliance consulting expertise to navigate regulatory complexities and build a solid foundation for business growth.
  10. Access to investor networks: Grow assets under management (AUM) via an allocator platform, tapping into a network of institutional investors and capital allocators to expand your reach and attract new investment opportunities.

How we help

ACA Mirabella services the UK and EU financial services sectors and helps firms launch, grow, and protect their business. With 150+ client relationships currently hosted, and 55+ discretionary and non-discretionary mandates, it hosts £30B+ on its regulatory platform.

We can assist with:

  • Investment Management: Launch and manage funds through our hosted AIFM and investment management platform, facilitating discretionary and non-discretionary activity in both the UK and EU. Our full compliance and risk-management oversight allows you to stay focused on performance.
  • EU Tied Agent: Gain compliant access to existing and prospective clients and investors across the EU member countries through this regulatory hosting solution.

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