White Paper: Building a Value-Generating Cybersecurity Portfolio Oversight Program


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In today's landscape, traditional cybersecurity approaches to portfolio oversight are no longer sufficient. With increasing cybersecurity threats, it's imperative to adopt a programmatic approach to protect investments and grow valuations.

However, it is often difficult to know how to begin.

In this white paper, we identify 13 essential elements of a robust cybersecurity oversight program and the key benefits of incorporating them into your cybersecurity oversight program. In doing so, this will help firms implement a programmatic approach to cybersecurity portfolio oversight.

The 13 elements are categorized into three themes:

  • Managing Risks: Establish a security baseline, use a consistent risk framework, conduct regular risk assessments, and maintain readiness to respond to new threats.
  • Creating Value: Improve valuations, leverage economies of scale, support portfolio companies with insights, and secure leadership buy-in.
  • Governance: Ensure accountability, engage with LPs, simplify reporting, right-size oversight, and integrate cybersecurity with other operational improvements.

Download our comprehensive whitepaper to dive deeper into these concepts and learn how to implement a programmatic cybersecurity oversight program in your firm.


How we help

ACA’s new portfolio oversight solution, ACA Vantage for Cyber, can provide ongoing visibility to monitor and oversee your portfolio companies’ cyber health, giving you control to navigate risk, add value, and gain a competitive advantage. 

Powered by ACA Aponix®, ACA Vantage for Cyber combines our renowned advisory service with our award-winning regulatory technology, ComplianceAlpha®, and our exclusive "RealRisk" risk assessment methodology.

ACA Vantage for Cyber will help you to:

  • Align your cybersecurity oversight program to investor needs by leveraging best practices developed working with over 100 PM firms on oversight.
  • Save time with instant access to assessment results and the status of related remediation efforts.
  • Keep stakeholders informed and direct resources where they are needed most.
  • Uncover your firm’s risk from your investments from the fund level all the way down to individual cyber capabilities at individual portfolio companies.

Reach out to your ACA consultant, or contact us to find out how we can help you protect your portfolio.