Is Your Organization’s Privacy Program Equipped to Tackle the Road Ahead?

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January 28th is recognized internationally as Data Privacy Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of privacy and safeguarding data. With 2023 anticipated to be a busy year on the privacy regulatory front, this day serves as a friendly reminder that organizations should review their privacy obligations.

Driven by evolving technologies and the data-driven economy, data privacy regulations aim to ensure users’ information is responsibly and securely processed, handled, consumed, and stored. Since the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018, privacy regulations have expanded globally placing new, and at times, overlapping compliance obligations on organizations. 2023 will be no exception, as multiple countries and states in the U.S., including Colorado and California, are expected to enact new or updated privacy laws. 

This expanding privacy regulatory landscape makes it ever more important for organizations to make sure they know how to meet their privacy regulatory obligations. ACA Aponix recently published the following resources to break down global privacy regulations:

Global privacy requirements

U.S. privacy requirements

How we help

We understand that much of the privacy landscape is new and difficult to manage alone. ACA offers data privacy compliance services to assist with assessing a company's compliance with relevant privacy regulations and implementing an effective program. Our team of experienced consultants can:

  • Review a company’s personal data collecting activities to build a data inventory
  • Identify risks and gaps
  • Provide recommendations to address those gaps
  • Support with the implementation of privacy requirements

To find out how we can help you meet your regulatory privacy and cybersecurity obligations, please reach out to your trusted cyber adviser or contact us here.