ACA Vantage for Cyber

Build a cybersecurity portfolio oversight program to position your portfolio companies for success

While most Private Equity firms engage in some form of cybersecurity portfolio oversight, for many the process is inconsistent, difficult to manage, and can be disconnected from what Limited Partners (LPs) and General Partners (GPs) care about. Firms are expected to do more than just pre-deal diligence and episodic cyber risk management efforts.



What is ACA Vantage for Cyber?

Discover the only cybersecurity service product designed specifically for private equity, venture capital, real estate, and private debt portfolio oversight.

With ACA Vantage for Cyber, you’ll gain ongoing visibility to monitor and oversee your portfolio companies’ cyber health empowering you to improve the ROI of risk management, create value, and manage operational expenses.

Watch this short video to learn more. 

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A year in to the program, Vantage has provided a lot of value to our portfolio companies. We plan to get ACA involved in much earlier stages of our next investments to improve our partnership.

Steve Cherington, Head of Operations, Ara Partners

Case Study

Building a Cybersecurity Portfolio Company Oversight Program for Ara Partners

Discover how we helped Ara Partners gain ongoing visibility to monitor and
oversee its portfolio companies’ cybersecurity health to drive value and
reduce risk.

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With ACA Vantage, we now have increased visibility into where companies stand in terms of their vulnerabilities and their risk levels.

Jeff Steinhorn, Operating Partner, Gridiron Capital LLC

Case Study

Establishing Cybersecurity Portfolio Oversight For Gridiron Capital LLC

Learn how we helped identify areas for cybersecurity growth, visibility, and value enhancement across Gridiron Capital LLC’s portfolio. 

ACA "RealRisk" Cyber Self-Assessment

Complete this cybersecurity assessment survey to receive a free report detailing your cyber program's top deficiencies and strengths as well as the opportunity to discuss the findings with one of our account managers.

What's included?

Together with our cybersecurity services for private equity, we will build and operate a formal program of cybersecurity portfolio oversight and conduct ongoing assessments of your portfolio companies’ cyber posture over the entire investment lifecycle.

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Oversight Program Development

Expert support to build an oversight program that is formally governed, applied consistently, and designed to grow valuations. 

Our advisors will help you: 

  • Work with Investor Relations to leverage Limited Partner expectations in program design
  • Align oversight to acquisition value drivers to smooth exit diligence and increase valuations
  • Leverage economies of scale across your portfolio to reduce costs for you and your portfolio companies
Monitoring and Analytics

A portal providing continuous, portfolio-wide cybersecurity monitoring, alerts, and analytics.

Our portal: 

  • Continuously monitors the entire portfolio without any impact on the portfolio companies
  • Delivers real-time information through ACA’s ComplianceAlpha® platform
  • Supports benchmarking and other analytics such as assessing portfolio companies for eligibility for cyber insurance
  • Provides access to key stakeholders across your firm and your portfolio companies
Weighted Scales
Investment-Weighted Risk Assessment

A cyber risk assessment methodology that puts investor decision making front and center, enabling benchmarking and fund-level risk aggregation.

Our proprietary “RealRisk” assessment provides: 

  • Context-aware findings, incorporating each portfolio company’s business context and your investment context
  • Adjustable in intensity as appropriate for each portfolio company’s situation
  • Fully digested, plain language recommendations to guide and prioritize action steps across the portfolio
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On-Demand Webcast

Building a Programmatic Approach to Cyber Portfolio Oversight

Listen to a discussion on the changing expectations and best practices for cybersecurity portfolio oversight. Learn how oversight can improve valuation, not just manage downside risk. Drawing on our expertise in building out portfolio monitoring programs, this webcast addresses why private equity firms need to establish a formal cybersecurity portfolio oversight program, elements of a world-class cybersecurity oversight program, and action steps your firm can take to build a cybersecurity portfolio oversight program.

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ACA Vantage for Cyber is the only cybersecurity service product designed specifically for private equity, venture capital, real estate, and private debt portfolio oversight. With ACA Vantage for Cyber you'll be empowered to:

  • Improve ROI from risk management
  • Create value through cyber oversight
  • Manage operational expenses for portfolio oversight
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It is a New Era for Cyber Portfolio Oversight

The past few years have seen a sea change in private markets. It has become imperative that firms institute a programmatic approach to portfolio oversight: oversight that is formally governed, applied consistently, and grows valuations. Programmatic cybersecurity portfolio oversight will meet increased investor expectations for cyber as well as safeguard and grow the valuation of investments.

Despite this pressure on firms, evolving cyber portfolio oversight to a programmatic approach is challenging. Many firms lack the cyber expertise, funding, buy-in, and/or understanding of what an oversight program should look like.

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Why work with us?

ACA Aponix has helped more than 100 private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds improve cybersecurity oversight of their investments.

We specialize in cybersecurity risk assessments, data privacy compliance services, vendor and M&A diligence services, portfolio company oversight, network testing, and advisory services for companies of all sizes. Our award-winning solutions are designed to help firms uncover risks and identify deficiencies in their cybersecurity policies, procedures, and controls.