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The Corporate Transparency Act: The Latest Iteration of Customer Due Diligence in the Financial Crime Toolkit

FinCEN issued the Corporate Transparency Act to create greater transparency into the beneficial owners of small companies.

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The Slippery Slope of Private Fund Manager Issuer Exemption

For firms marketing privately-issued securities, whether as a private fund manager or issuer, ensuring their activity is compliant with FINRA or SEC regulations is essential.

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ACA Launches ESG Portfolio Monitoring for Private Markets

Introducing ACA Vantage for ESG; a straightforward and comprehensive solution to track and analyze ESG data, and support PE, private credit, and leveraged loan portfolios.

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Private Fund Adviser Rules Timeline

Download a timeline that maps out each critical phase of the SEC's Private Fund Adviser Rules and the timeframes required to meet the rule's deadlines.

  • Private Fund
  • SEC

Best Practices to Outsource Investment Performance Calculations

We share best practices to optimize your engagement with a third-party firm to calculate your firm's investment performance and maximize the benefits of a partnership.

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Thousands of Servers Exposed By Citrix Bleed Vulnerability

Citrix Bleed (CVE-2023-4966) is a critical vulnerability affecting Citrix NetScaler ADC and NetScaler Gateway appliances. It is now being targeted by the Russian ransomware gang, LockBit.

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FAQ: Principles for Responsible Investment

A New Era for ESG Data: Quality, Regulation, and the Road Ahead

While the explosion of ESG data over the last five years has garnered both enthusiasm and criticism, the wild west character of the data environment is fading – giving way to a market that is more robust, reliable, and regulated.

  • ESG
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13 Actions to Position Your Portfolio for Cyber Success

Based on our industry expertise and experience, we’ve put together 13 steps to form a programmatic approach to cybersecurity portfolio oversight.

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  • Cybersecurity Resources

The New York State Department of Financial Services Expands Cybersecurity Rules

The NYDFS recently updated its regulations to add strict provisions on board oversight, ransomware payments, and event reporting.

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The SEC Targets Use of Predictive Data Analytics

Predictive data analytics can have a number of great uses in the financial industry. However, the SEC recently proposed rules to ensure advisers are not using it to harm investors.

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