Apple® Issues Patch to Fix Spyware Vulnerability

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A vulnerability has been discovered in Apple® products that enables the installation of unauthorized software without the user's permission. The vulnerability is actively used to install Pegasus spyware on devices, allowing user activities to be surveilled by an external party. The spyware has been discovered in use on the phones of activists, dissidents, journalists, and others. Now exposed, others may use this vulnerability for criminal purposes.

Apple has released updates to its operating system software in response to the discovered vulnerability. Upgrades are available for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac computer.

ACA guidance

The existence of this zero-click vulnerability makes it likely to be exploited by others, and anyone can effectively be a target. As such, ACA recommends taking the following precautionary measures:

  • Urgently apply the operating system updates to all Apple devices.
  • Use a mobile device management system to enforce upgrades of software, monitor software upgrade status, and ensure secure configuration of mobile devices.
  • Strongly encourage third-party service providers to apply this update to their systems.

How we help

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