New Marketing Rule - SEC Staff Confirms All or None Early Adoption Approach

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The SEC issued an FAQ officially confirming what has been informally communicated by Division of Investment Management staff, which is that investment advisers may not implement the new Marketing Rule until they are prepared to comply with it in its entirety. Note that this includes both the rules around traditional advertisements and the new requirements for solicitation arrangements. In the meantime, advisers must continue to comply with the current Advertising Rule and Cash Solicitation Rule and existing guidance related to those rules. Also worth noting is that new written procedures must be in place before an adviser transitions to the new rule’s framework, and the adviser must retain a copy of its prior procedures, which are required records. 

The FAQ reads as follows:

Q: I understand that an adviser must comply with the amended adviser marketing rule with respect to its advertising and solicitation activities by the compliance date (November 4th, 2022), which is 18 months after the effective date of the rule. May an adviser choose to comply with some of the marketing rule requirements before the compliance date, but not comply with others?
A:  No. An adviser may choose to comply with the amended marketing rule in its entirety any time starting on the effective date, May 4th, 2021. Until an adviser transitions to the amended marketing rule, the adviser would continue to comply with the previous advertising and cash solicitation rules and look to the staff’s positions under those rules. The staff believes an adviser may not cease complying with the previous advertising rule and instead comply with the amended marketing rule but still rely on the previous cash solicitation rule. Advisers are reminded that they should review their compliance policies and procedures in light of regulatory developments, including the adoption of the amended marketing rule. In addition, the staff believes that when advisers transition to the amended marketing rule, they will need to implement any revisions to the written compliance policies and procedures necessary so that they are reasonably designed to prevent violations of the amended marketing rule. Advisers are also reminded that they are required to maintain a copy of all compliance policies and procedures in effect at any time within the previous five years, and that it should be clear when those policies and procedures were in effect.

SEC Marketing Rule FAQ

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