Legal Underwriting + Placement Agent Services

We provide our clients with an established broker-dealer framework and ongoing education to meet the changing SEC and FINRA regulatory landscape. 

ACA Foreside distributes over $1 trillion of product for over 200 fund families through our broker-dealers serving as the legal underwriter for registered funds and the placement agent for private funds.

Our legal underwriting + placement agent services include:

  • Reviewing, approving, and FINRA filing of fund marketing materials to facilitate compliance with SEC and FINRA regulations
  • Negotiating and maintaining broker-dealer and selling agreements to facilitate sales of fund shares
  • Administering Rule 12b-1 fees and any load payments
  • Sponsoring and maintaining an NSCC membership participant number for domestic funds, collective trusts or foreign registered funds allowing for a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to the direct NSCC membership process
  • For private placements, entering into sub-placement agent agreements with selling broker-dealers to facilitate the sales of fund shares

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