Quarterly Statements Solution

Simplify your firm’s complex reporting requirements with our scalable support, tailored to your unique requirements.

New rule 211(h)(1)-2 of the recently introduced U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Private Fund Adviser Rule (IA-5955), requires private fund advisers to provide investors with quarterly statements reflecting the fund’s fees, expenses, and performance, as well as any compensation paid by portfolio companies to the adviser or related persons.

With our Quarterly Statement Solutions, we provide you with a scalable report preparation process, as well as calculation and presentation frameworks. By working with our team - which includes the largest group investment performance experts - you gain a structured approach that makes the adaptation process more manageable for your firm.



Our solutions

Centered around the creation and distribution of the quarterly statements, we've developed our quarterly statement gap analysis and two levels of customized support solutions. 

Quarterly Statements Gap Analysis

Step into the world of quarterly statements with confidence using ACA's Gap Analysis. Our dedicated team evaluates your current processes and identifies areas of improvement, ensuring you are well-prepared to produce statements that are both insightful and compliant.

Set the foundation right with our guidance, and transition smoothly to being able to produce consistent and quality quarterly statements.

Quarterly Statements Managed Services

Leveraging ACA’s Managed Performance Services, we offer a sophisticated outsourced solution for the creation, design, maintenance, and distribution of your fund’s quarterly statements.

This solution ensures a polished and accurate representation of required data and disclosures. It also allows you to better balance your reporting commitments with monetary and time budgets.

Quarterly Statements Review

Once your fund's quarterly statements are created, our team engages in a rigorous review process. This involves recalculating key statistics, testing data points for accuracy, and evaluating the overall clarity and comprehensiveness of disclosures.

Our goal is to ensure every statement reflects the requirements of the rule and is in line with industry best practices.

Private Fund Adviser Rules - Our Solutions
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Partner with ACA for Peace of Mind

We have a series of tailored solutions that can help you to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your firm is not just compliant with the SEC Private Fund Adviser Rules, but also well-prepared for future regulatory developments.

Your Quarterly Statements Reporting Timeline

This rule has the most significant ongoing implications for private fund managers due to the depth of required reporting and the specifics around what is shown and how it must be calculated. You will need a proactive plan to meet their regulatory obligations quickly and efficiently.


Why choose ACA’s quarterly statements solutions?

  • Precision and accuracy: Benefit from meticulously vetted quarterly statements with accurate calculations and data, reducing the potential for errors and financial discrepancies.
  • Time and resource efficiency: Delegate complex tasks to experienced professionals, allowing your firm to prioritize core business activities and investor relations.
  • Compliance navigation: Stay informed and aligned with the intricacies of the private fund quarterly statement rule, meeting regulatory expectations.
  • Continuous expertise: Access a dedicated team of seasoned performance professionals, keeping your firm's performance programs abreast of evolving market demands and best practices.
  • Benchmarking and insights: Benefit from our unparalleled industry perspectives, regulatory expertise, and commitment to delivering tailored, value-driven solutions.