Building an Effective and Meaningful DE&I Program


Events of the last few years have brought an unprecedented focus to the extent and severity of social inequities along lines of gender, race, ethnicity, ability, and other dimensions of diversity. Businesses of all kinds are recognizing that the establishment of a robust Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) program is more important than ever to their employees, investors, and other stakeholders.

Join ACA's Peyun Kok and Devarshi Pandya as they provide insights to help asset managers build effective and meaningful DE&I programs. 

Discussion Topics

  • How can firms prioritize their DE&I objectives and start their DE&I journey?
  • What components should a good DE&I program have?
  • How can small firms with limited opportunities for hiring advance their DE&I performance?
  • What are common challenges or pitfalls in DE&I program implementation that impede meaningful change?