Consultant's Corner: Concerns and Considerations for Real Estate Advisers

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ACA's Consultant's Corner is the place to go for informal conversations with our consultants about hot topics, industry trends, and insights.

Tune in for a 30-minute Consultant's Corner webcast with ACA’s Erika Chua, Director, and Ken Harman, Senior Principal Consultant, as we discuss compliance challenges, concerns, and considerations for real estate compliance programs facing evolving business risks in the current regulatory environment.

Discussion Topics

On this webcast we'll discuss questions like:

  • What do SEC examinations for real estate advisers look like today?
  • What does recent activity say about the SEC’s continued focus on affiliated service providers?
  • How are real estate advisers handling valuation processes today?
  • What impact does COVID-19 continue to have on day-to-day activities of real estate advisers and their compliance programs?
  • What do real estate advisers need to consider regarding the upcoming LIBOR transition?