Enhancing Investment Performance Programs with Managed Services


The investment industry is undergoing significant transformation due to technological advancements, shifting investor preferences, and regulatory reforms. In today's complex and competitive investment landscape, firms must navigate these challenges while balancing budgetary and resource constraints.

Adopting more efficient and effective investment performance measurement and reporting processes, and leveraging technology and specialized expertise can reduce this burden.

Join us to learn the value of engaging a third-party service provider to oversee and manage your investment performance program. We will examine how this approach has become a highly effective strategy for addressing industry challenges and driving success in a competitive environment.

Discussion Topics

Drawing on our expertise in building out investment performance programs, this webcast will address:

  • Common challenges investment firms face and how third-party performance experts can address and mitigate them
  • Best practices for engaging a third-party service provider, including:
    • Defining clear objectives and expectations
    • Performing thorough due diligence
    • Fostering a collaborative relationship
  • How to maximize the benefits of engaging with a third-party service provider


  • Travis Morgan, CFA, CIPM, Managing Director, Performance Services, ACA Group
  • Bree Pollard J.D., Director, Performance Services, ACA Group