Global Privacy Year-End Brief: What’s Happening Now & What to Expect in 2023


There has been a great deal of traction with privacy regulation over the past few years. Nations across the globe have either passed data privacy laws or are legislating them now. With few indications of a slowdown, keeping up with and understanding current and expected regulatory changes can feel overwhelming.

Join ACA Aponix's Alex Scheinman, Tyler Pearson, and Practical Privacy’s Bill Schaumann, as they present a comprehensive summary of the state of global data privacy that will aid firms as they prepare for the new year.

Discussion Topics:

  • Current and future data privacy laws, including the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) and GDPR, who they will impact, and what changes to expect from them
  • The impact of non-compliance with data privacy regulations through the examination of 2022 enforcement
  • The impact of data privacy regulations on investors
  • A forecast of 2023 data privacy trends and legislative changes
  • Actionable recommendations to prepare your firm to meet its privacy obligations


  • Alex Scheinman, Managing Director, ACA Aponix

  • Tyler Pearson, Senior Director of Client Development, ACA Aponix

  • Bill Schaumann, Consultant, Practical Privacy