Investment Company Training Series Webcast: Reporting Modernization Rules

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ACA is offering the second of two webcasts designed to review and provide insight into the SEC’s recent rule adoptions affecting funds registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940.

On October 13, 2016, the SEC adopted new rules and forms as well as amendments to its rules and forms (the “Reporting Modernization Rules”) that were designed to expand the information to be reported by certain investment companies registered with the SEC under the Investment Company Act of 1940. According to the SEC’s adopting release, the Reporting Modernization Rules are intended to: (i) update the reporting requirements under the Investment Company Act, some of which are nearly 30 years old; and (ii) increase the transparency of fund portfolios and investment practices both to the SEC and to investors; (iii) enhance the SEC’s ability to collect and analyze reported information; and (iv) reduce duplicative or otherwise unnecessary reporting burdens on the industry.

Please join ACA for a discussion of the new reporting requirements. This webcast is designed to provide a basic understanding of new Form N-CEN and Form N-PORT, as well as the revisions to Regulation S-X affecting disclosures in mutual funds’ financial statements.

Topics covered include:

  • Form N-PORT’s structure, required disclosures, and how they may differ from current Form N-Q
  • Discussion of disclosures that are to be required by Form N-CEN compared to Form N-SAR
  • Understanding changes to Regulation S-X
  • Impact of rule changes on a fund’s Form N-1A, N-3, and Form N-CSR

Who should attend? 

Compliance personnel who may play a role in the completion of a registered investment company’s required filings, or who oversee the filing processes of a registered investment company’s fund administrator.