Operating in the UK Post-Brexit: A Guide for EEA Firms

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By 1 January 2021, many firms globally will need to consider and possibly adapt their business models and regulatory registration arrangements to continue operating within the UK – regardless of the outcome of any current Brexit negotiations.

There are a range of short - and long - term options available, from the various temporary permissions regimes to full FCA authorisation, but many firms are still unsure as to the the right solution for their short term tactical transitional planning and medium to longer term strategic needs.

During this webcast, Bobby Johal and Andy Welch, Managing Directors at ACA, discuss the UK transitional regimes, the FCA’s expectations of international firms operating in the UK, and the (FCA) authorisation process.

Discussion Topics

This webcast will cover:

  • The UK Transitional Provisions Regime – what it means and the next steps
  • Being authorised in the UK – the regulatory environment
  • The application process