Performance Challenges and Solutions for OCIOs

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The OCIO market has experienced significant growth over the last ten years. Assets under management represent nearly $2 trillion and are expected to reach almost $3 trillion over the next several years.* However, how much of that growth has been driven by the firm’s current clients switching from advisory to OCIO services? Presumably, once that initial influx slows down, OCIOs will likely become subject to the same due diligence requirements as any other money manager seeking to expand its business.
The inherent nature of using third-party advisors in the OCIO space has made performance measurement a challenge, both historically and ongoing. In fact, ACA has worked with firms that calculate performance using their own in-house systems, for both their OCIO and advisory clients. As these systems and processes have improved, many OCIOs find themselves with a clearer path to creating a performance track record.
Join ACA's Shivani Choudhary and Aon Hewitt’s Scott Ayres as they discuss the increased demand for a performance standard from OCIOs and provide an overview of the benefits, challenges, and solutions OCIOs might encounter.

Discussion Topics

This webcast will cover:

  • OCIO Marketplace Trends
  • Performance Reporting Challenges
  • New Performance Standards: GIPS® Standards for FMPs – what they are, who they apply to, and history of the standards
  • The Impact of the 2020 GIPS Standards on OCIOs

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