Supporting Your Portfolio Company Following a Breach


Your Portfolio Company Has Been Breached…Now What?

The average portfolio company will see a breach every two years, but most sponsors and operating partners are not ready to deal with a breach. Given their fiduciary responsibility to protect their investments, it is critical that they are prepared and well-equipped to respond and support their portfolio companies.

This webcast will break down the various roles and levels of involvement sponsors can assume in the event one of their portfolio companies experience a breach, as well as the respective action steps they should take.

Discussion Topics

  • What factors sponsors and operating partners should consider to determine their level of involvement and support
  • How to establish secure communication channels with the portfolio company
  • How to develop a transparent and disciplined communication strategy when reporting to investors and other external stakeholders
  • When and how to activate cyber insurance, forensics, and/or outside counsel support

We'll also provide a case study of a portfolio company breach and the private equity firm's response.


  • Greg Slayton, Director, ACA Group
  • Isaac Niedrauer, Principal Consultant, ACA Group