Benchmarking Insights: Tracking the Impact of the Private Fund Adviser Rules

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In the evolving landscape of private fund management, firms are grappling with the complexities introduced by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC’s) Private Funds Adviser Rules (IA-5955). These new regulations, aimed at enhancing transparency and protecting investor interests, have prompted many firms to re-evaluate their operational, reporting, and compliance practices.

To help understand this transition, we recently hosted a series of webcasts covering various aspects of the new regulations. During these sessions, a series of polling questions were conducted to help benchmark readiness and understand the specific pain points that firms are facing.

In this downloadable infographic, we capture some of the findings and examine what they mean for firms, providing valuable insights for firms to digest when planning for compliance. These include:

  • Performance reporting is proving a challenge
  • Firms are facing operational hurdles caused by the Restricted Activity Rules
  • The new rules place an impact on terms and relationships with limited partners
  • Proactive planning is pivotal to achieving compliance

Download the infographic to discover more insights and benchmark where you are against your peers in your readiness for the upcoming rule implementation.


Access Our Private Fund Adviser Rule Resources

We've put together a variety of resources to help firms navigate compliance with the Private Fund Adviser Rules. Click here to watch on demand webcasts, read articles, and download infographics and other helpful resources to help you on your path to compliance.

How we help

The Private Fund Adviser Rules require substantial implementation efforts with varying deadlines, the implications of which private fund advisers should begin considering and planning for now.  

ACA is the only governance, risk, and compliance firm that offers both compliance and performance expertise, including a deep understanding of the intricacies of complex performance calculation methodologies. Our people, processes, and technology can help simplify this task and address the new rules with:

  • Private Fund Adviser Rule Readiness Assessment: Our tailored solution is designed to evaluate your firm's compliance program and investor reporting for alignment with these new rules.
  • Quarterly Statements Solutions: Our tailored quarterly statement solutions help you navigate the complicated process and specifics around what is shown on these statements and how it must be calculated.
  • ACA Signature: Our customized solutions combine compliance advisory, innovative technology, and managed services to provide expert solutions to assist firms with rule interpretation as well as modification and implementation of a firm’s compliance program.

Reach out to your ACA consultant or contact us to find out how we can help your firm comply with these rules.

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