White Paper - Completing the Puzzle: A Global GIPS Compliant Firm Definition


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The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) are a global ethical set of guidelines for calculating and presenting investment performance, rooted in the principles of fairness and transparency. Historically, the GIPS standards were centered around traditional asset class structures, resulting in many managers carving out the alternative asset classes from their GIPS compliant firm definition.

However, the 2020 GIPS standards marked a significant expansion and standardization for non-traditional asset classes that often use Money Weighted Returns (MWR), increasing relevance and adoption by alternative investment managers, fund managers, and private wealth managers. The welcomed update resulted in managers reassessing whether the previously mentioned carved out assets should be incorporated into their firm definition.

Download our latest white paper to read the case for why your firm should adopt the GIPS standards. It will examine:

  • Pros and cons of the shift to adopt GIPS in the alternative asset space
  • Common misconceptions
  • Recent observations in redefining what is captures in the GIPS compliant firm


How we help

Firms across the industry are challenged not only by becoming GIPS compliant, but also by maintaining such compliance. We can assist your firm with overcoming these challenges by helping build and improve upon your framework as well as by providing firm-wide verifications and performance examinations.

Our services include:

  • Pre-compliance consulting - Assisting firms with developing the roadmap and building the framework to claim GIPS compliance.
  • Firm-wide verification - Independent verifications designed to assess whether your firm is adhering to the GIPS standards.
  • Performance Examinations - Comprehensive, focused performance examinations of specific composite track records.

To learn more about our GIPS Compliance Services, please reach out to your consultant or contact us here.