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GIPS compliance versus non-compliance

Regulatory Changes Force Private Fund Managers to Re-Focus on IRRs or Face Fundraising Hurdles

In this blog we will try to address how fund managers can overcome this fundraising hurdle, and some key misconceptions.

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IFPR is Just 100 Days Away: Are You Ready?

There are just 100 days until the Investment Firm Prudential Regime #IFPR comes into force. Are you ready? We've created a checklist capturing 13 considerations for successful implementation of the required changes ahead of the 1 Jan 2022 deadline.

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Ransomware 101 Part 2: How to Prevent and Detect a Ransomware Attack

Our Ransomware 101 blog series addresses multiple aspects of the ransomware issue, including what you should know and what you should do to protect your firm, your clients, and your finances. In part one, we discussed the evolving and growing threat of ransomware. In this article (part two), we’ll provide a framework for what your organization can do to prevent and detect ransomware attacks.

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NFA Announces Amendments to Interpretive Notice 9002 Regarding Branch Office Registration

On September 16, 2021, the National Futures Association (“NFA”) issued a Notice to Members I-21-28 regarding changes to the definition of a branch office under NFA Interpretive Notice 9002. The rule was a response from the NFA in the recent trend in hybrid work environments as more employees are working from their homes.

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Hedge Fund Quarterly Update 2021 Q3

Learn more about recent regulatory developments industry insights in our Hedge Fund Quarterly Newsletter.

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Private Markets Quarterly Update 2021 Q3

Learn more about recent regulatory developments industry insights in our Private Markets Quarterly Newsletter.

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ACA Group Acquires Catelas to Create Industry-first 360 Surveillance Offering

The acquisition of Catelas further enhances the holistic surveillance capabilities of ACA’s RegTech platform. Catelas’ patented technology automates the mapping of how people connect and form groups within a firm, isolates collusion risk, and detects high-risk behaviors.

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Apple® Issues Patch to Fix Spyware Vulnerability

A vulnerability has been discovered in Apple products that enables the installation of unauthorized software without the user's permission. The vulnerability is actively used to install Pegasus spyware on devices, allowing user activities to be surveilled by an external party.

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Challenges and Solutions for Hedge Fund Managers Considering the GIPS Standards

As more assets have been allocated to alternative investments, and as regulatory scrutiny has dramatically increased, hedge fund managers are increasingly embracing the GIPS standards.

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The Credit Manager’s Path to Compliance with the 2020 GIPS Standards

New York State Insurance Fund released an RFP last week seeking managers for up to $1 billion to be distributed across high yield corporate bonds, bank loans, CLOs, or some combination of all three asset classes.

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